Are you still ’hard selling’?

  Orchestrate customer engagement with authentic stories, not sales pitches  

Is your marketing addressing customer pain points?

  Use relevant frameworks, tools and mediums to personalise every touchpoint  

Are you engaging customers meaningfully?

  Build a sustainable content supply chain to drive conversions  

What we do

Personalisation reduces acquisition costs as much as 50%, lifts revenues by 5-15%, and increases the efficiency of marketing spend by 10-30%.

-McKinsey & Company

Is your business wrestling with changes that are disrupting the strategies you have always used, to communicate with prospects? Are factors like, demographic diversity, disruptive technologies and media consumption habits, getting in the way of reaching your customers?

TWE is your solution for all this. Serving global clients, our practical framework and diverse use cases help customers leverage quality content and marketing to achieve business goals.

Client Testimonials

TWE’s blog writing services has helped create organic awareness amongst our audience.


Principal Consultant, Leading IT MNC

The value the TWE team brings on the table is very impressive, especially in a niche market like IT.


CEO, Leading IT Staffing company

The quality this agency brings in, their style and depth is beautiful.


Founder, Car Accessories E-commerce startup

Very professional, quick and flexible team. I love their articulation and design aesthetics.


Founder, HR Consultancy company


We personalise digital solutions to help achieve business goals

Prospects resist `hard selling’. Instead they use research to buy new products and services.  We get involved from the very beginning; study your competition and their strategies, study the market trends, and then custom create marketing that best suit your prospects.

Content is married to search engines and social media

By publishing relevant, fresh and quality content, using SEO tactics, we ensure that you are `found’, and `loved’. We manipulate social media tools to engage customers, and create an appetite in them to know more.

We work with clients across different industry segments

Our clients range from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies, across industry segments. Being successful digital marketing strategists, we understand that each business is different, and the way to achieve business goals is also unique.

We follow a strategic approach to create, distribute and amplify content to drive profitable customer reactions

We showcase your expertise to build trust with your prospects. By tracking performance, we glean insights into responses and constantly improvise existing content strategies to drive an always full sales funnel.


Content developed


Hours spent

Content Formats

Writer Network


Get your eBook copy on `Why Content Marketing makes absolute sense to SMBs?’

Learn the secrets to writing powerful content, and it’s distrubution, amplification and optimisation.

Our services

  • We are a one-stop destination for your content and digital marketing needs.
  • We strategise, develop, distribute, amplify and optimise your digital assets, for maximum reach, engagement and virality.
  • We show your audience what is interesting, heart-warming and important to them.
  • We deliver consistent digital marketing that speaks the same voice of consumers, to help them feel at home with your brand.
  • Digital strategy – 80%
  • Social media – 70%
  • Design – 100%
  • Case studies & ebooks – 50%
  • SEO & SMM – 60%
  • Promo Videos – 90%

How it works?

Successful digital marketers formulate full-blown strategies encompassing content and its amplification. At the very base resides good quality content. The process of content to marketing requires keen understanding of the end-user, to arrive at the right strategy, form and medium to hit a home run. To ensure that content will produce actionable results, we follow an 8-step Marketing Process.

Using a comprehensive, scientifically evolved method, we work with clients to define a goal.

We then sculpt target audiences or relevant buyer personas.

We conduct an audit of existing content to optimise or identify gaps.

We research and listen to your competition, understand market trends, voice, gaps, and find the perfect balance to help you stay ahead.

We identify content ideas and brainstorm with customers to identify search-friendly topics.

We determine the types of content that will work for your customer.

Web pages, eBooks, Infographics, Blog posts, Social media, Promo videos, Case studies, Whitepapers, Slideshares, GIFs.

Having identified the personas, form, and the places they frequent, our writers, designers and marketers work on the actual content, design and marketing.

Finally, we publish, amplify, analyse and manage performance across mediums and formats.

Work with all things content, digital and marketing

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